Inorganic growth through Acquisitions, Mergers and Partnerships is an essential route for faster penetration of the market considering the ever increasing complexities of business environment. It helps to eliminate future competition, increase market share and/or enter new territories thereby keeping the growth engine moving.
Qualtran assists in driving inorganic growth through a clear and well defined win-win approach.
Strategy Rationale
  • Defining the investment rationale and strategic ‘FIT’.
  • Identifying potential Partners.
  • Preliminary attractiveness check.
Business case preparation
  • Market positioning, access, business model, estimating & valuing synergies, targeted volumes, investments, payback and profitability scenario.
Valuation and Finalizing Deal structure
  • Valuation thru a combination of different methodologies
  • Deal Structuring - Acquisition, JV, Brand labelling, Technology transfer . . . .
Integration Post Alliance
  • Business model and roadmap for seamless transition into a merged / larger entity
  • Expanding into new markets, acquiring new customers, talent, optimizing the supply chain and achieving economies of scale.